Why do some people on ODSP receive $1128 a month and others far less than this amount?

Benefits can typically be increased from $863.00 per month to $1128.00 per month in one of two ways.

If an ODSP recipient lives at home with parents or a blood relative, there can be a different amount paid. If the person is able to shop for their own food and prepare basic simple meals, then the recipient could qualify for the rental amount of $1,280.00 a month. In a situation where the person living with a parent or relative, have all of the groceries bought for them, and all of the meals prepared for them, they would then only qualify for the lower room and board amount, which is currently $863.00.

The higher benefit amount is for renters. The lower amount is for Room and Board.

There are other options as well for recipients who do not shop for their own food or prepare their own meals. By contacting Mr. Pope you can find out what the qualifications are to receive the higher amount, for someone in these circumstances.

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