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Can a person with disabilities be their own trustee for a Henson Trust?

Yes, a person can be their own trustee for a Henson Trust, if this is a wise choice.

I used to work and have accumulated some investments. I understand that I can only have $5,000 in all my bank accounts. Can I create my own Henson Trust to protect what I have saved? , but still be able to collect ODSP and have Drug and Dental coverage?

A person cannot create their own Henson Trust, but there are options that you would have to protect the assets that you have accumulated, following ODSP rules and regulations.

I live in Quebec and want a Henson Trust in my will. Are Henson Trusts valid in Quebec as well as in Ontario? Does Quebec Social Assistance have the same rules and guidelines as ODSP?

Henson Trusts are valid in Quebec. Each Province has their own form of Social Services and each has their own rules and regulations and benefit amounts and other benefits that a particular Province offers for disabled people.

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