Improving the Medical Review Process for ODSP clients

Reducing the burden on clients, health care professionals, stakeholders and staff

Medical review dates are assigned to about 36% of ODSP cases to those who have disabilities that may improve over time.  In March 2016 the ministry began working on a new and simpler medical review process and a new form to complete the process.  This new process will eliminate the current requirements to duplicate information that was provided in the original ODSP Application.

The new form will allow medical professionals to indicate in the first section if conditions have not improved over time.  If the conditions have not improved then there will be no need to re-submit medical information that was provided in the original ODSP Application.  There will also be a section in the new form that the doctor can simply write in any new medical conditions that may differ from the original ODSP Application.

The Ministry's goals are to;

The Ministry anticipates that these improvements will be in place by the fall of 2016.


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