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We did a lot of research to find an expert in dealing with legal matters related to persons with disabilities.  Ken Pope is one of the few I found who is knowledgeable in all facets including taxes, trust funds, pensions, wills, etc.  We found Mr. pope and his team to be very professional and easy to deal with.  All our questions were answered and we would definitely recommend him.

HdR, Systems Engineer & LdR, Ethics Officer – Ottawa, ON

I first ran into Ken Pope when I was referred to him from another lawyer from my home town who said, “I know nothing about guardianship or trusts, but a guy I went to school with does and he’s supposed to be the best”.

My daughter and I went to Ottawa and met with Ken and his team. They were friendly and thorough in discussing the situation and what we thought our needs were. Then they began to describe the services they provide, what they recommended as a strategy and the costs associated with each step of the process. Not only that, they gave us tax-recovery information and described how it could be used to mitigate the cost of the services they provide. They also advised that they had the in-house resources to do this on our behalf. We were appreciative – and somewhat sceptical of their ability to make all our dreams come true.

They did it – and the future of both my daughter and granddaughter have been greatly enhanced because of it. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy. The Canadian Government Legislative Environment and Policy Framework can be hell for someone who is not familiar with it. It is a paper-chase of forms, letters, phone calls and e-mails and it all moves slowly and in a circular fashion. Ken’s team did all that and more. I particularly admired the fact that they were not afraid to challenge the dragon (our definition of bureaucracy) and did so in a very calm, professional manner that always yielded the results they were seeking on behalf of their clients. I am beginning to suspect that the whole concept of the word ‘no’ is not part of the office vernacular for Ken Pope’s team! Knowledgeable, dedicated, focused and results-oriented – and very, very professional!

One day I will have to tell my granddaughter all about the people that slew the dragon and saved the princess – but that will be a story for another day! In the meantime, my family and I would like to thank Ken Pope and his team for a job well done!! 

Jim Graham – Cornwall, Ontario

Many thanks for your services made easy for distant, non-computer owner like me. Your extensive knowledge of Henson Trusts & the huge effort you’ve put into making yourself available to all of us in need is more than admirable, as are all the educational seminars you travel all over to do. Your legal assistant was the icing on the cake. So kind, patient, informed, capable and meticulous. She made what was very difficult for me so much easier. I always knew I was in good hands. I am forever grateful to both of you & to the well oiled machine you have set up in your Ottawa offices out of your concern that all who seek you. Services will be accommodated and well served. God bless you.

M.R. from Brampton

It is my privilege to recommend Kenneth C. Pope, an excellent lawyer who provided me with legal advice and services regarding my son. Read more…

D.D. from Ontario

When our original application for ODSP for our son was denied, a friend recommended we speak to Ken Pope. We were able to get an appointment within a week. At our first meeting I knew we had made the right choice. The ODSP application process is complex and although our son did meet the criteria we had not presented our case clearly enough. Ken Pope and his support staff guided us through the process, submitted our completed forms, and tracked the status of our application. Read more…

M.P Greene – Kinburn, ON

We appreciated the suggestions and full explanations that were given. It promoted confidence that we were making choices that reflected our wishes/intentions.

C & D from Ottawa

As the father of a disabled adult child, and a practicing child/adolescent/youth psychologist, I can attest to Ken Pope’s skillful and professional navigation of our son’s Hanson Trust needs. While my wife and I had a comprehensive will in place, Ken also helped us secure medical and financial power of attorney papers. Ken’s services are definitely not the cheapest ones available, but by now you know there are 3 reasons why top-end professionals require a higher fee. Experience, experience and experience. Simple. Plus, Ken won rave reviews from my wife as she appreciated his detailed, but low-key style.

D.K – Ottawa, ON

We want to say thank you so much for the excellent work you have done on our families guardianship application and for your mindfulness of our family situation – which we can see in the wording of these documents – that you truly do understand our love for our daughter and the reasons why we want to ensure she is cared for by people ( like yourself )  who take the time to really get to know who she is, what her needs are and to keep her safe, occupied, healthy and happy. Your application hits the nail right on the head and we couldn’t be more pleased. Have a good summer!

G. Labelle

Thank you folks so much for all your work.  You have, finally, given me piece of mind.

M. Seccareccia – Bowmanville Ontario

Kenneth and his staff were a pleasure to work with; they were incredibly helpful, friendly and professional. They delivered on what they promised plus more in a timely manner. They took care of everything for me and made the situation stress free. Both my father and I used Kenneth and were extremely satisfied. I would highly recommend Kenneth to anyone looking for a lawyer who can deliver results and who cares about his clients.

K. Mohammed – Toronto, ON

It’s with great pleasure that I provide testimony to the services provided by Mr. Ken Pope and his entire law firm staff.  I sought out the legal services provided by Mr. Pope who specializes in assisting clients with disabilities and who need legal council on navigating through the complex world of personal tax and legal life planning issues.

I found Ken extremely patient, generous with his time and demonstrated a high degree of empathy and willingness to help our family foster a better understanding of what is needed to secure the future of a family member with a recognized disability.

Our family was apprised by Mr. Pope of the many governmental programs and tax advantages available to those with disabilities and guided us through the process of taking advantage of such services we otherwise would not have been aware of.

His staff were responsive to all our needs and requests and our many office meetings were held in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.  Simply put – Ken Pope and his team are top notch!!!



D.R. – Ottawa, ON

From the initial contact with Sharon, to meeting Mr. Pope and dealing with Marissa, we were pleased. These are difficult issues and we felt they were handled well. Thank You!

D & T from Ontario

I would like to personally thank Ken and Christiane for the wonderful help with the T2201 disability tax credit. I had used other firms that failed me, but the Pope Law firm went out of their to not only help me but complete the daunting deed with CRA to a fruitful completion.

Only 100% satisfaction is what any will receive with this firm.

P. Tebbs – Etobicoke, ON

Thank you for yout excellent promptness handling my legal requirements.

R & N from Ottawa

Ken Pope is a Great man with Honor. He helped me through a difficult fight with ODSP that I could not have managed without his expertise and his staff who were incredibly insightful and m ore than helpful ever step of the way.. I Highly recommend all who need a Professional Legal team in your corner to take on the sometime very unfair Establishment… Give Kens Office a call if you need representation, Thank-You Ken and Crystal very very much for everything you did to get me through the uphill battle.. Steve.

Steven Lindsay – Ontario

Ken & Marissa,

We would like to thank you for all you have done for us over the years.  You were a guiding light in a very stressful situation, giving us peace of mind regarding our Child’s secure future and independance.

Your prompt friendly and patient response to our calls made a world of difference to us and helped us over any obstacles we encountered.

We would and have have recommended your services without hesitation.


J & GHB – Belleville, ON

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