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Parenting A Child With Disabilities? We Can Help.

Ken Pope is one of Ontario’s most experienced lawyers helping families who have a member with a special need. With Henson Trusts – a crucial tool that benefits families with special needs members – he provides guidance and support, when it comes to planning for the future.

Since 1980, Ken Pope has been helping people when they need it the most by:

  • Back-filing taxes – to recapture any disability tax credits or adjustments owed to your family
  • Protecting against the loss of ODSP owed to children, regardless of inheritance, with Henson Trusts or Lifetime Disability Trusts
  • Minimizing taxes payable – on the beneficiary’s income from inheritances through Henson Trusts, Lifetime Benefits Trusts or Intervivos Trusts.
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An Experienced Leader In Special Needs Estate Planning

Ken Pope specializes in helping families plan ahead. By protecting assets and ensuring proper administration, he advises clients on how a Henson Trusts helps provide continued care, quality of life, and support for your child and peace of mind for you.
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