Audio Library for information Ken Pope has put out to help families who have a child or relative with a disability or special needs, whether in the form of webcasts, radio shows or interviews. In an effort to diversify our resources we’ve created this Podcast channel for people who prefer to tune in and learn while on the go.Common topics include: Disability Estate Planning, Henson Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship and Substitute Decision Making, ODSP and Tax Credits.

OVERVIEW: Henson Trusts (2 min)

Kenneth Pope speaks about the advantages of having a Henson Trust setup for you or a loved one with a disability. Henson Trusts are uniquely beneficial for individuals with disability as it protects their assets and inheritance while also granting the right to collect government benefits and entitlements.

Overview: ODSP Benefit Increases (1 in)

In this overview episode Ken Pope explains Ontario Disability Support Program benefit increases and why they are substantial.

OVERVIEW: Legal Guardianship & RDSPs, Pensions, OAS/GIS (3 min)

In this overview episode Ken Pope goes over the basics around Legal Guardianship & RDSPs, Pensions, OAS/GIS

WEBINAR REPLAY: ODSP Benefit Increases & Tax Credits (67 min)

In this webinar replay Ken Pope and Crystal Terris discuss how to obtain maximum ODSP benefits, utilize tax credits available and everything in between.

WEBINAR REPLAY: 2020 Housing and Transitions Webinar (62 min)

In this 2020 edition of Housing and Transitions, we're joined by 3 special guests who are part of different housing initiatives. Phyllis Spencer, a mother with an entrepreneurial mind who is creating a private group home to help secure her daughter's future. She'll be discussing how she came up with the idea as well as the difficulty around parting ways and transitioning your child into more independence. Dan Hughes from the Enhanced Day Program and supported living initiative Axess Condos, was back again to talk about his progress. Christina Zhang from Plant-a-Home also joined us to talk about her housing initiative.

OVERVIEW: Caregiver Tax Credits (2 min)

In this overview episode Ken Pope goes over the basics around the Caregiver tax credit and how it has changed to serve more families

WEBINAR REPLAY: Health Care Advocacy and Navigation (81 min)

Almost everyone has had the frustrating experience of feeling unheard, overlooked or ignored when dealing with doctors, hospitals and other unsupportive professionals, and not getting the treatment we feel we need. In this Health Care Advocacy and Navigation Webinar, special guests Susan Hagar and Lisa Pelletier joined us to discuss medical appointments, hospitalizations, community care, and what people need to know to help them navigate our healthcare system and ensure their voice is heard whether advocating for themselves or a loved one. Ken and Dianne also discuss guardianship, powers of attorney & substitute decision making and how these tools can make advocating for a loved one more accessible.

OVERVIEW: Letter of Wishes (2 min)

In this overview episode Ken Pope discusses how writing a letter of wishes can be beneficial in helping trustees to understand what the deceased parent would have done if they were there still.

OVERVIEW: ODSP Benefits at Age 65 (2 min)

In this overview episode Ken Pope explains what happens when you turn 65 and are on ODSP benefits.

CHRI: The Importance of Having a Will, and Working from a Distance (28 min)

In this episode, Ken Pope and David Skinner talk about a recent survey Ken conducted -finding out what people think about Wills, how many have them, and what holds people back from focusing on it. He also addresses how to carry on remotely during our current pandemic

WEBINAR REPLAY: Financial Assistance (68 min)

In this webinar replay, special guests Melissa Vigar and Laura Bellon from the Brain Injury Society of Toronto join Ken to discuss various financial assistance programs, along with their application processes and best practices for best results.

CHRI: Legal Guardianship and Power of Attorney (27 min)

In this episode Ken Pope talks about various ways to care for your child with special needs or disabilities and continue to manage their affairs once they become adults.He's also joined by guest Dan Silver who is a Capacity Assessor who talks about the process of assessing your child's capacity.

CHRI: Finding and Accessing Additional Support for Children with Special Needs (26 min)

Kenneth Pope discusses various resources available to people with special needs and disabilities.

CHRI: Education, Assessments and IEPs (28 min)

In this episode Ken Pope and Monika Ferenczy talk about how to get the proper assessments and IEP(Individual Education Plan)s your child with special needs or disabilities might need for the best education available.

CHRI: Dealing with Divorce and Serving Remotely (27 min)

In this episode Ken Pope and Dianne Verano talk about the effect that CoVid has had on families as well as the process of the courts and other procedures.

OVERVIEW: Probate Fees - There Are No Estate Death Taxes (2 min)

In this overview episode Ken discusses Ken discusses probate fees.

OVERVIEW: Inter Vivos vs. Testamentary Trusts (2 min)

In this overview episode Ken discusses the differences between inter vivos and testamentary trusts