Monika Kimmel – B.A., J.D.

Monika Kimmel – B.A., J.D. - Kenneth C. Pope Law

Monika Kimmel is our newest lawyer at KPopeLaw. She is fully bilingual and focuses on estate planning: including strategies for structuring and minimizing taxation of inheritances, and drafting Wills, Powers of Attorney, and living trusts.

Monika also provides assistance to clients who wish to become guardians of their incapable adult children or family members with special needs to ensure that they have the proper legal authority to manage the incapable person’s property and personal care.

Before joining our firm, Monika lived in Moncton, New Brunswick where she earned her law degree. She was called to the Law Society of New Brunswick in 2019 and to the Law Society of Ontario in 2021.

Monika is passionate about helping her community. In 2020, she was recognized as one of the Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada by My East Coast Experience Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Tel. 613-567-9724 Ext 101

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