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Kenneth C. Pope – LLB TEP

Kenneth C. Pope is one of the most experienced practitioners in Ontario providing services to families with a family member with a disability, and has focused his practice to help them put in place Henson trusts, which ensure that the child with a disability will not lose provincial disability benefits as a result of their inheritance. He also acts on behalf of clients to deal with Canada Revenue Agency to back file disability related tax credits and recapture substantial amounts of taxes which should not have been paid. Recovered amounts are typically $16,000 to $22,000.

His goal is to ensure that his clients will be able to plan effectively for the future of their family members. This includes the use of trusts for family members to minimize taxes payable on income earned from inheritances.

With over 30 years’ experience, Ken’s clients benefit from his knowledge and foresight. Ken’s practice extends across Ontario and into other provinces.

He has been helping families to think through their future needs, and to provide for their families with appropriate arrangements, since 1980. In his practice, Ken tailor-makes solutions so that all his clients can take care of these important responsibilities and enjoy peace of mind. His knowledge and experience with Estate Planning offers his clients the full range of options suitable for their situation, all provided by a single source law firm.

Christiane Marchand – RHN/Accountant

Christiane is the Accounting & Tax professional at our firm. Aside from maintaining our office’s Accounting functions; Christiane focuses on helping our clients identify & obtain various tax credits. Christiane has been working in the Accounting field since 2003 and joined our team in 2012. Christiane is passionate about animals, nature and wellness. She also works part time as a Holistic Nutritionist with a yoga teaching certification.

Crystal Terris – Licensed Paralegal

Crystal graduated with honors from the Paralegal Diploma Program in 2012 and obtained her Paralegal License in December of 2012. She has been appointed by The Attorney General as a Commissioner for taking Affidavits. Crystal is often the first person with whom our clients have contact whether by phone, mail or the internet. She provides support, gathers relevant information and ensures the highest level of service to our clients. Her main duties include gathering and organizing all intake information from clients, scheduling consultations and assisting with ODSP matters such as disclosing inheritances, assisting with Internal Reviews and ODSP benefits increases. In her spare time she enjoys spending time watching her sons play hockey.

Dianne Verano – JD, JD (American), BA, BSc

Dianne enjoys assisting clients in regards to their disability benefits, estates, trusts, guardianships, disability-related tax matters and financial planning matters. She was called to the bar in Ontario, and holds both a JD from the University of Windsor, and a JD from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. Before joining our office, her articles focused on appeals at the Social Benefits Tribunal, applications at the Landlord and Tenant Board, and refugee matters regarding appeals, judicial reviews, humanitarian and compassionate applications, danger opinions, and removal orders. She previously sat on the board of a legal clinic in downtown Ottawa. During her free time, you can find her in the office singing, or outside the office playing basketball.

Marissa Goebbels – LLB

Marissa is a Senior Legal Assistant who joined the firm in 1997.  Marissa graduated from Law School in 1979.  At the beginning of her career Marissa worked as an Assistant Crown Attorney in the Toronto Crown Attorney’s office.  Though Marissa is not a practicing lawyer at this time, she assists our clients with Henson Trust Wills, Standard Wills, Powers of Attorney, and various Probate matters.

In her spare time Marissa enjoys making gourmet meals, and spending time with her beloved pet. She also enjoys gardening and has fresh herbs in the summer, and she grows flowers as well.  



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