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Why do I Need a Henson Trust?

Since 1980, Ken has travelled province wide to meet with families and individuals, and presented seminars on Disabilities and Estate Planning issues and Henson Trusts. Ken is a Henson Trust specialist, providing financial security for families with a family member with disabilities or special needs.

A Henson Trust Protects Your Family and Your Estate

If a family member with special needs is receiving Ontario disability support benefits, and if they are left an inheritance, that inheritance is considered an asset and will disqualify them from benefits unless special arrangements are made in the parents’ Will.

The only real solution to this inequity is a HENSON TRUST, created by the parents’ Will. Only available since 1989, when the case after which it is named was upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal, it places estate assets in the care and control of a Trustee to be administered for the benefit of a beneficiary. Inheritances placed in a properly prepared Absolute Discretionary Trust are not the asset of the child and will not affect provincial benefits.

Many families have members who require assistance in handling their daily affairs, regardless of their other abilities. Special Beneficiaries often benefit from guidance in handling large sums of money or significant assets, temporarily or on an on-going basis.

Some beneficiaries may be unable or unwilling to seek guidance, and may at some point be left without care unless special provisions are put into place.

To solve these problems a Henson Trust should be created, during your lifetime (inter vivos) or according to the terms of your Will (testamentary). These Trusts are invaluable in planning for your child’s care when you are no longer there, and they will provide peace of mind to parents who will then know that they have done everything that they can do to protect their disabled child's future.

These special arrangements are necessary to properly ensure that loved ones will be given the extra care they deserve, and that inheritances will not be wasted. Specialized legal counsel is necessary to ensure that the drafting of Wills follows the court-tested arrangements required, and to continually consider any changes in provincial regulations and new case law.

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