D.D. from Ontario

It is my privilege to recommend Kenneth C. Pope, an excellent lawyer who provided me with legal advice and services regarding my son. I am a single mother of a 19 year old son, who has a disability (Autism) and who just started collecting ODSP benefits a year ago. Earlier this year, my son received an inheritance from his estranged father who had passed away. After the initial shock of hearing this news, I was concerned and worried that my son would be cut off his ODSP benefits when I told them about the inheritance money. I did some research and made many calls before I was referred to Ken Pope by a lawyer from my neighborhood community legal aid office. I have not turned back since. Ken and his team were amazing. Ken Pope and his team were not only knowledgeable and supportive, but successful in securing my son's inheritance money without being cut off ODSP benefits. I highly recommend Kenneth Pope and his team to families dealing with matters of securing inheritance money and ODSP benefits.

Complimentary ODSP Benefits Review



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