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Parenting A Child With A Disability? We Can Help.

Ken Pope is one of Ontario’s most experienced lawyers helping families who have a member with a disability. With Henson Trusts, he provides guidance, support, and reassurance when it comes to planning for the future.

Since 1980, Ken Pope has been helping people when they need it the most by:

  • Back-filing taxes to recapture any disability tax credits or adjustments owing to you or to your family”
  • Protecting against the loss of ODSP- regardless of inheritance, through various avenues including Henson Trusts
  • Minimizing taxes payable- on income earned from inheritances through trusts
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An Experienced Leader In Special Needs Estate Planning

As parents of a child with a disability, preparing for the future can be overwhelming. How can you ensure that their needs will be met once you’re gone? Ken Pope specializes in helping families plan ahead. By protecting assets and ensuring proper administration, a Henson Trusts helps provide continued care, quality of life, and support for your child and peace of mind for you.
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