What’s New? Disabilities, Henson Trusts, RDSPs, Dependent Survivor Pensions.

It has been a few years now since I did my last webcast seminar, and my on site presentations have been at the invitation of organizations such as Co-operator's Insurance, Community Brain Injury Services and the Sudbury Law Association.

When I do another webcast for families and supporting individuals, I will be post it to my website and send a link to families who contact me from referrals or searches on the internet.

I will speak about the usual disability and estate planning issues, but also address the current state of affairs with RDSPs and competency issues, as well as spending more time discussing adult dependent survivor pensions for the adult children of OMERS, Teachers and OPG pensioners.

I invite you to watch my last seminar. This is the link to the seminar notice.

I would appreciate it if you would pass along this notice to the families and professionals on your contact list who will find it of interest.

Kind regards, Ken Pope

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